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Persistence of Vision Song Within A Song Came So Far For Beauty When You Come Home Momentary Coalescence Splintered Light Vague Illusions Of Peace An Easy Warmth Waiting For The Storm
The Seduction of the Sublime The Value of Wonder Somewhere To Believe In Tomorrow's Dreams The Space Between Dust Of Sorts Every Day A Story Tangled In The Undergrowth To The Lighthouse
Slow Attrition Moments Lost Sing For The Morning A Moment Not To Forget The Dangling Conversation In Between Everything The Smell Of Thunder Day Of Opportunities Ring Of Silence
The Dust That Falls From Dreams One Luminous Instant Vibrant Tranquility Critical Mass Time Has Told Me Whispers On The Wind The Ligfht Of A Blue Day The Tail Of A Dream A Terrible Privacy  
Flight Of Speculation Undisclosed Desires The Collective Soul Fragments Of Song Once In A Memory The Restless Wind