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different journeys   (2018)
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The Ghosts Of Words Unsaid 020418.2 030418.1 030418.2 040418.2 040418.3 250518.1 250518.2  
double vision   (2016 - 2017)
Persistence of Vision Song Within A Song Came So Far For Beauty When You Come Home Momentary Coalescence Splintered Light Vague Illusions Of Peace An Easy Warmth Waiting For The Storm
The Seduction of the Sublime Somewhere To Believe In The Space Between Dust Of Sorts Tangled In The Undergrowth To The Lighthouse Slow Attrition Moments Lost Sing For The Morning
A Moment Not To Forget The Dangling Conversation In Between Everything The Smell Of Thunder Day Of Opportunities The Dust That Falls From Dreams One Luminous Instant Vibrant Tranquility Critical Mass
Time Has Told Me Whispers On The Wind The Ligfht Of A Blue Day The Tail Of A Dream A Terrible Privacy Flight Of Speculation Undisclosed Desires The Collective Soul Fragments Of Song  
Once In A Memory The Restless Wind    
lost futures   (2015)

Pocketful of Stones

Road Less Travelled Illusion of Privacy Vanishing Trace of Angels Delusion of Reference Inaudible Sighs Murmured Sounds and Peripheral Shadows Visions and Perceptions  

a thousand colours of sea   (2013 - 2014)


Universal Resonance A View of Eternity The Calm In Remoteness The Lee Shore Down By TheWater Endless Blue World Within A World Still Waters Into The Night  
On Tangled Shores Some Unspoken Impulse The Stress Of Not Moving A Damp Exhalation Of Sea  



autobiographical investigations   (2013 2014)


Conversation With Shadows Lightness and Weight Unquiet Thoughts The Beauty In Solitude (I Feel The) Urge For Going The Sensation That Nothing Had Changed The Sensation That Nothing Had Changed Again Into The Great Wide Open  



fragments of a dream   (2013 - 2014)


Transforming Into A Holy Man The Bamboo Garden That Peculiar Sense of Exclusion By The Light Of Dead Stars  

the contagion of mythology   (2013 - 2014)


Of Gods and Men

Tomorrow Is Only A Dream Rites of Passage  

the delicious mists of introspection   (2013 - 2014)


The Retreat Into Wounded Silence The Still Heart of a Moment's Calm The Sad Shade of a Smile  

nostalgia for the quiet   (2013 - 2014)


Silence Will Fall

Lapsing Into Stillness

The River of What's Been

Lapsing Into Stillness Again Soft Green Day