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Lost In The Ruins

altered images


Threshold Of A Dream Evening Rhapsody Clamouring Shadows Come Into My Sleep A Day Not Yet Experienced A Change In The Weather Memories Of Green The Silence Between Words

layers of time


Elemental Simplicity Suburban Serenade The Road Of Memories              

scattered thoughts


An Unbiased View Somewhere The Soul Never Dies Down To The Wishing Well Midnight Chimes Close To The Edge          

trace elements


Anywhere On This Road At The Edge Of Vision Dreams Of Resentment A Dream Of Exile Fugitive Hauntings Fear Of Falling Don't Forget The Rapture Fragments Of Sound Caught In The Undertow The Dry Weight Of Old Memories
The Taste Of Colour Inertia Creeps                

vagrant stanzas


Dance Me To The End Of Love A Simple Twist Of Fate                

whispers of the stones 


Vanishing Traces Of Angels Delusions Of Reference Illusions Of Privacy Pocketful Of Stones Inaudible Sighs Unintended Consequences Loose Continuity Clouds Of Unknowing Memories Of Cool Ground The Hollow Place
broken dreams
The Ghosts Of Words Unsaid The Scent Of Oranges Visions And Perceptions Murmured Sounds Peripheral Shadows          

different journeys


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